Review – NECA God of War III Ultimate Kratos

Kratos-BloodNECA’s latest Kratos figure, based on the third installment of Sony’s God of War video game series, is the collectible maker’s definitive take on the Ghost of Sparta.

Kratos stands in NECA’s familiar 7-inch scale and features over 30 points of articulation. The articulation points, coupled with flexible armor, lend well in assuring the figure can easily recreate any of the action poses seen in God of War III; from kneeling poses to reaching behind the back to unsheathe the flaming Blades of Athena.

Kratos includes two interchangeable portraits based on both the promotional art and in-game models for the character. The portraits are well translated from the source material and the paint applications help bring out the detail in the sculpt. In fact, the entire figure features fantastic paint applications, particularly the execution of multiple coats to the skin that give it depth and realism. The contrasting crimson color of the war tattoo conveys the characters rage giving the figure a menacing look, especially when sporting the portrait with clenched teeth.

As noted, Kratos includes two flaming Blades of Athena that can both be stored in a backpack sheath, but NECA went further for those looking to display Kratos sans the sheath. If you decide the remove the backpack sheath, two small pegs are included that fill the voids left where the backpack plugs into the back. In addition, the blades and gauntlets on the figure’s forearms have small connection points where you can connect your own chains, if you feel so inclined, for added realism. It’s that type of attention to detail that makes this a definitive version of the character and deserves a nod.

Besides the blades, Kratos includes two Cestus gauntlets. The gauntlets are solid and well-sculpted, but their weight makes them difficult to display with the arms raised. Wratchet joints at the shoulders would have helped alleviate this, but they’re a catch-22 since they can restrict possibility.

Kratos comes in collector-friendly deluxe packaging resembling the cover of the God of War III video game. A Velcro secured flap at the front opens to reveal a window box containing the figure, which can be easily removed and returned to the box for storage. The depiction of Kratos as Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man on the inside of the flap is interesting, even though the High Renaissance art isn’t of the same period.

NECA’s God of War III Ultimate Kratos figure lives up to its classification as a definitive version of the character. If you’re a fan of the God of War franchise, we highly recommend the Kratos figure.

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