Review: Mezco Toyz Mortal Kombat X 6″ Sub-Zero Figure

Yesterday I took a look a Mezco Toyz Mortal Kombat X 6″ Scorpion Figure, one of three figures in the first series that is starting to arrive at select retailers. Now what would Scorpion be without his mortal enemy, Sub-Zero? The yin to his yang of this deadly duo is the next figure I’m going to take a look at here.

I mentioned yesterday with the Scorpion review, the sculpt and paint on these figures is just fantastic. They have the articulation of Star Wars Black Series or Marvel Legends, with the detail and paint of something from DC Collectibles. I mean this in the best way possible too. There is some really nice detail in this 6″ figure that has been captured nicely from the video game design. It looks like Sub-Zero has jumped right out your television.

The Sub-Zero figure features 23 points of articulation which allow for a variety of posing. I did notice that some of the sculpt hindered some of this articulation though. Namely at the wrists, groin and ankle areas. This isn’t enough for me to say it severely downgrades it, but this should be noted. Also Sub-Zero doesn’t seem to have any articulation at the waist unlike Scorpion. At least mine didn’t appear to have any and I was too worried about snapping it in half to prove otherwise.

Sub-Zero comes with a few accessories. Included are an ice sword, an ice hammer and two (2) interchangeable hands. The ice weapons are just like those that appear in the game and look great in their sculpt and paint details. It would have been nice to have an ice “ball” or an ice “effect” to go with, but these are just as cool. Mezco may have been wanting to hold back on some of that and provide a different set of accessories for their 12″ version of Sub-Zero, as this scale comes with an “ice ball” and “ice daggers.”

Just like with Scorpion, the Mezco Mortal Kombat 6” Sub-Zero Figure retails for around $20-$22, depending on where you find it. It looks like some early shipments have arrived at some places, but seem to have been sold/fulfilled already. Though it looks like it is still available for pre-order from online retailer BigBadToyStore. There also seems to be some in stock and shipping from
Amazon. Keep in mind these will be more readily available starting this month.

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