Review: Medicom MAFEX Darth Vader

Star Wars collector and fellow geek Chris Pirillo joins us as we unbox and review Medicom’s MAFEX Darth Vader figure.

The Medicom MAFEX Darth Vader stands 6.7 inches tall, is super articulated, and has a wired fabric cape. The figure includes a two-part lightsaber with removable blade and hilt that can be attached to Vader’s belt, and three unique display options thanks to the removable dome and switch-out Anakin Skywalker portrait.

Vader includes a variety of interchangeable hands and a severed stump resulting from his duel with Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi. A figure stand with sturdy articulated arm is also included with the figure.

Vader is priced ¥4,500, but can be typically purchased for between $35-$50.

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