Review: Mattel Total Heroes Ultra Black Manta

Mattel Total Heroes Ultra Black Manta

July saw the release of DC Universe Total Heroes Ultra Black Manta. Aquaman’s arch-nemesis believes in luck favoring the prepared because he is armed to the teeth. Display options include two heads (default and angry/battle-scarred) and 3 sets of hands for punching, gripping weapons or swimming. Both his upper armor and his signature diving helmet are removable. Not one to fight unarmed, the Total Heroes Ultra Black Manta goes on the offense with two reconfigurable spears, a jagged knife, and a hand claw weapon.

DC Universe Total Heroes is really becoming a fantastic alternative to traditional action figure collecting. Mattel cleverly strategized how the characters would see release: with the main heroes hitting brick-and-mortar stores, while the villains and more obscure characters are sold online as Ultra figures featuring extra hands and accessories. We are seeing fun action figures with a litany of accessories that comic book fans have requested for years. I would highly-recommend a second glance at these fun figures. They are toys in the truest sense of the word. Look for more of these impressive entries at

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  • APJ

    That guy is armed! I wish the retail line was the same!