Review: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Rhino Build-A-Figure Wave Scarlet Spider

For “Marvel Monday” we are going to take a look at the latest in the Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures, the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Rhino Build-A-Figure Wave Scarlet Spider Action Figure. Ben Reilly, aka Scarlet Spider, is a character that has a pretty impressive fan following. The character originates back to 1975, where he was created by Spider-Man villain, Jackal. He is also the first successful clone of Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Which makes him pretty significant in the Marvel Universe.

The Scarlet Spider has all the same powers and abilities as Spider-Man, but what else would you expect from a clone? So when it comes to the action figure, we can expect much of the same. That includes interchangeable parts that are included with the figure. It comes with two (2) extra sets of hands, which were also included with the latest Marvel Legends Classic Comic Book Spider-Man figure too. The Build-A-Figure parts included are the head for Rhino. In fact there are two heads, a classic and modern version.

The articulation for this figure is pretty much the same as the Classic Comic Book Spider-Man and other repaints using the same body, with one exception, the shoulders. Since this figure has the sleeveless hoodie, the shoulder articulation is not the same as regular Spidey where the chest/upper shoulder area allows for more movement. Now this doesn’t detract from the figure at all, just something to note.

This version of the Scarlet Spider is featured in his 90’s costume, one that I kind of feel still works in today’s costume designs. Along with many fans, I am glad they went with this look over the more recent redesign the character received in his latest series. I think the design helps the figure stand out from the other Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures you might have in your collection.

Overall, this is great figure and a must for any Spider-Man fan to have in his collection. I dare say he might be the highlight of this wave too, but I need to see others in-hand before making that final call. You can find the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Rhino Build-A-Figure Wave Scarlet Spider Action Figure at retailers now, and online at Amazon too.

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