Review: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Avengers Wave 1 Thor

The latest figure in the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Avengers Wave 1 line-up I’m going to take a look at today is the Marvel NOW! Thor. This is based on the appearance of the God of Thunder as he looked up until recently when he lost his powers for being “unworthy” and a mysterious woman became the embodiment of Thor.

First let me say, this figure is massive. It stands in at almost 8” tall! Most legends figures are around 6” and Thor dwarfs many of them. This is great since the character has always been meant to be bigger than life compared to his fellow Avengers. There is also a hefty weight to the figure, overall making this figure well worth the $19.99 price tag it carries.

Thor has a nice amount of articulation, even being a bulky figure is able to utilize most of it too. He comes with his hammer, Mjolnir. Also packaged with Thor is a Odin Sword, which is unclear if it is meant for him or the Build-A-Figure. Honestly it doesn’t matter, either way works for me.

This Thor figure is almost entirely a repaint of the previously released Marvel Legends Thor figure, aside from the helmet/head. But this doesn’t take anything away from it, at all. This figure looks fantastic and is a must for any Marvel or Thor fan. As with the others in this way, I strongly suggest picking up the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Avengers Wave 1 Thor when you can find it.

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