Review: Kotobukiya Lady Deadpool Bishoujo Statue

Kotobukiya Lady Deadpool Bishoujo StatueBeauty meets bad @$$ in Kotobukiya’s Marvel Lady Deadpool Bishoujo statue.

Standing in a seventh scale at 9.5 inches tall, Kotobukiya’s Lady Deadpool Bishoujo statue comes posed with one leg straight and the other bent, twisting her torso forward holding a grenade bearing her calling card, in the hand of her outstretched right arm. With her left arm is raised, Lady Deadpool warns of a potential explosive situation with a downward pointed thumb. The statue’s exaggerated female form is beautifully sculpted, but the little details like the harness with katana sheaths, belt pouches, and belt buckle are the real standouts of this piece. The silver bands around the neck, arms, and legs add depth to the skin-tight black and red costume and two different interchangeable portraits and hands offer a choice of display options.

Koto’s Lady Deadpool Bishoujo statue includes both masked and unmasked portraits. While I’m partial to the masked version, the unmasked portrait fits in nicely with Koto’s other Bishoujo statues with its soft, slightly animated feminine style. If you decide to display Lady Deadpool unmasked you can also switch out the left hand with an alternate hand holding her mask. However, for me, nothing says Earth-3010 like the masked portrait with long-flowing ponytail. What impressed me about the masked portrait is how Koto added expression to the white eyes through the sculpt, which can be a difficult task since a masked face hides emotion by default. 20th Century Fox succeeded at giving Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool emotion thanks to post-production and Kotobukiya passed the test as well.

Koto’s Lady Deadpool is available for purchase at the Kotobukiya store for $74.99, as well as Amazon. If you’re interested in the lady merc, we suggest acting quickly since the popularity of the character is at an all-time high and the statue is bound to sell out quickly.

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