Review: Kotobukiya DC Comics ARTFX+ Red Robin Statue

Kotobukiya DC Comics ARTFX+ Red RobinKotobukiya’s “Batman Faimly” of characters adds another member with the addition of their Red Robin ARTFX+ statue based on DC’s rebooted NEW 52 design.

Styled after the alter-ego of Tim Drake, Koto’s Red Robin AFTFX+ statue stands in a tenth scale at over 7-inches tall and has a slender, proportionally scaled build accurate to the teen vigilante. The outfit and armor feature metallic paint with a glossy sheen that is applied precisely and looks fantastic. A yellow crisscrossed harness connects the small jetpack on his back, which houses the red-colored glider cape that helps Red Robin soar. In this instance, Kotobukiya has opted to give the cape a bit of realism by having it flow to one side as if caught by a breeze. Kotobukiya’s craftsmanship really shines in the details on Red Robins armor, the pouches on his belt and his jetpack. In fact, the left shoulder pauldron has an inconspicuous Teen Titans logo on it, a nod to the superhero team to which Red Robin belongs.

Red Robin’s portrait is sculpted wearing his domino mask and he sports a confident, if not cocky, grin. The expression really helps tie the statue’s pose together as it suggests that Red Robin is not wavered by the challenge he points ahead to. And there’s no need to worry when Robin is armed with his trusty staff, which is removable. Like all ARTFX+ statues, Koto’s Red Robin has magnets in the feet for extra stability on the included magnetic display base.

Kotobukiya’s Red Robin is an ideal companion piece for their Dark Knight ARTFX+ or their other Batman ARTFX+ statues like Red Hood, Nightwing, Damian Wayne. The ARTFX+ Red Robin statue is priced $54.99 and can be purchased from Kotobukiya’s online store, as well as Amazon.

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