Review: Kotobukiya DC Comics ARTFX+ Lex Luthor Statue

Kotobukiya DC Comics ARTFX+ Lex Luthor StatueKotobukiya’s latest addition to their DC Comics ARTFX+ lineup is Lex Luthor, in his warsuit, based on the characters updated design as part of DC’s NEW 52 initiative.

Koto’s Lex statue comes in a tenth scale, standing 7.9 inches tall and made of PVC/ABS. Like their other ARTFX+ statues, Koto’s ARTFX+ Lex Luthor comes with a magnetic base, which–thanks to magnets embedded in the figure’s feet–allows the figure to be securely displayed. While the figure stands perfectly well on its own without the base, having it gives you the peace of mind that the statue won’t trigger a domino effect when displayed alongside other ARTFX+ statues. With that, Koto’s magnetic display bases are truly my favorite display base option among all of the other action figure / statue displays because the simple design doesn’t interfere with the piece like articulated or cradle stands do. I really wish other companies would take notice of this and incorporate it into their offerings.

Now, back to Lex. The first thing that really caught my eye about this statue was the vibrant, high-gloss paint used for Lex’s warsuit. The paint applications give the armor a metallic appearance that looks like a coat of paint you’d see on a new car on the dealer lot. The paint is of a high-quality and its application is impeccable. There is no runoff, no overspray; only precision. You’ll notice what appear to be a couple of yellow spots on the armor in my photos. Those are actually reflections from the studio lights and not paint flaws.

Lex features a solid strength evoking pose and a sharp sculpt. The warsuit’s details are especially crisp and the sculpt really shines along the statue’s back, where the armor around the spine gets ornately detailed. While Lex’s headsulpt is a little soft, it catches shadows very nicely so it looks better in natural lighting situations than under harsh studio lights. I tried to highlight this with a few photos focusing on dropping off the light from the profile to create a more naturally lighted look and I think this photo supports my opinion about the sculpt looking better in natural lighting.

Finally, I’m not one to gush over packaging, but I’d be remiss not to mention the translucent boxes Koto has been using for some of their ARTFX+ figures. They’re collector friendly, vibrant, and allow light to shine through to create a cool prismatic effect. They also do a good job of highlight the statues inside, which is equally as important.

Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ Lex Luthor statue is a nice addition to the DC lineup and a great villain to compliment Koto’s ARTFX+ Justice League characters. The statue is available for purchase directly from Kotobukiya for $59.99 and can also be purchased on Amazon.

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  • SS21O

    Great review, I have actually just begun collecting the Kotobukiya line for the 80s Kenner Super Heroes which are great

    • Thanks! This reminded me a lot of the Super Powers Lex when I was photographing it. I know the armor is different, but I kept thinking back to the figure and Lex Soar 7 I owned as a kid.