Review: Kotobukiya Avengers Hulk ARTFX+ Statue

Kotobukiya Avengers Hulk ARTFX+ Statue

Kotobukiya has been perfecting the art of high quality, moderately priced collectibles and their Avengers Hulk ARTFX+ statue is a good example of how Koto is delivering bang for the buck.

Kotobukiya’s Avengers Hulk ARTFX+ statue is based on the Hulk’s appearance in the Avengers’ Marvel NOW! relaunch and comes in three separate pieces (head, upper torso and legs) that fit together to create the tenth scale behemoth. Koto always does a great job of manufacturing their ARTFX+ statues up so that the interlocking pieces are seamless and the Hulk is no exception. Everything fits together easily, stays in place firmly and looks great.

Koto’s Hulk statue is non-articulated and made of PVC/ABS, but has a nice heft to it. The bottom of each foot has a magnet that allows the statue to stand atop the included pair of magnetic stands, but the statue balances pretty well on its own so you may opt of out using the stands. With the Hulk being as bulky as he is, I would have preferred a single, larger stand in favor of the two, but the two stands allow more customization in displaying the Hulk alongside the rest of the Marvel NOW! ARTFX+ Avengers so I understand Koto’s intent. Still, at times, the nearly 10-inch statues is too strong for even the stands and may topple.

The ARTFX+ Hulk has a fantastic sculpt that when paired with the amazing paint applications result in one of the best interpretations of the character we’ve seen. The signature angry face with furled brow and clenched teeth is perfectly on model. The vascular arms, striations in the pectorals and overall definition in the muscles is fantastic.  The rich detail in the sculpt is enhanced by really good painting and even the hair has some nice shading that gives it depth.  Aesthetically, the Hulk is executed to near perfection.

Kotobukiya’s Avengers Hulk ARTFX+ statue is available for purchase on Amazon for abot $65, but the Avengers: Age of Ultron version of the Hulk (which we saw in person at Toy Fair and is every bit as good as the Avengers version) is now available for pre-order at Kotobukiya’s online store. The Age of Ultron Hulk includes a display base that can be connected with their Iron Man Hulkbuster ARTFX+ statue (also available for pre-order) to create a diorama of their on-screen battle.

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