Review: Kids Logic Transformers Devastator

Kids Logic Transformers DevastatorDecepticon combinor Devastator is among Kids Logic’s latest entries in their Mecha Nations Transformers collection and the figure is loaded with features.

As soon as you remove Devastator from the packaging, you can feel the quality and see the attention to detail that went into the piece. Devastator stands 8-inches tall and in scale with Kids Logic’s other Transformers, who measure in at around 3-inches in height. The figure features a well-detailed sculpt and metallic paint applications that are vivid and consistent with the character model. Devastator is fully articulated with movement at the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and feet. The official count from Kids Logic lists it as 20 points of articulation, but when you factor in things like the moveable parts of the Constucticons–such as Scavenger’s shovel and Hook’s crane–and the hands with individually articulated fingers there are far more than 20 articulation points on the figure. If you’re an articulation junkie, this figure has your fix.

One of my favorite features of Devastator is the LED lights on the figure and how they bring the character to life. Seven unique LED lighted parts–one on each of the appendages, the eyes on the head, and Decepticon logo on the chest plate–adorn the figure. Each of the pieces takes three AG3 watch-style batteries, except for the head, which takes three slightly larger AG13 batteries. Best of all the batteries are included! The lighted parts secure magnetically to the figure making them easy to remove and reattach, and each part has its own individual on / off switch to conserve battery life. Here’s where things get cool. Devastator’s gun, which itself has an LED light-up function, also doubles as a remote. Using infrared technology, a small on / off button on the gun can turn the figure’s lights on and off, and trigger a transforming sound, when pressed. It’s an extremely creative way to execute the light and sound effects and everything feels well-engineered and sturdy despite how intricate it all is. Furthermore, when you flip down visor over the figure’s eyes and turn on the lights, Devastator looks absolutely menacing!

In addition to the LED light features and gun, Devastator is accessorized with an alternate, pre-posed hand made specifically for holding his sidearm. While either of the articulated hands can hold the gun, the pre-posed hand offers a better overall fit that is visually more anatomically correct. A small piece on the gun’s handle separates allowing the gun to easily slip into the grasping hand, and the hand attaches to a ball peg on the figure’s wrist. Devastator also includes a stand with an articulated arm that plugs into the figure’s back via a dual-pronged peg and features the Decepticon logo on the base plate. The base plate is a silver metallic color and has a clear plastic overlay that gives is a nice high-end, museum quality look. I didn’t have any problems standing Devastator on his own, so I wasn’t inclined to use the stand, but it’s a nice addition nonetheless.

As you can see, there’s a lot to Devastator; so much so that the figure includes a 6-page instruction booklet highlighting all of its features and functions. But that’s what makes this figure special. Kids Logic’s passion really shines through in all the details, engineering, and functionality included in Devastator. It’s for that reason we highly recommend the Mecha Nations Devastator figure for anyone who’s a Transformers fan, a fan of combiners like Devastator or just a collector of well-designed / well-engineered toys.

The Kids Logic Devastator is available for purchase directly from Kids Logic for $126.

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