Review: Kaiyodo Revoltech C-3PO

Kaiyodo Revoltech C-3PO

Kaiyodo’s Revoltech C-3PO ushers the golden protocol droid into 6-inch figure scale, for the first time ever, but its size comparative to Hasbro’s Black Series figures may be off-putting to some.

The first thing you’ll notice when you open Kaiyodo’s Revoltech C-3PO is just how well engineered a figure it is. If you’ve never handled a Revoltech, Figma or S.H. Figuarts figure, you don’t know what you’re missing. The articulation points are unreal and the aesthetic is typically never compromised. C-3PO is particularly impressive because of the figure’s working pistons on the arms. Bend the elbow and the pistons retract. Extend the arms and the pistons follow. The pistons are an impressive feat for a 6-inch figure, considering we’ve had 12-inch figures in the past that lacked this feature. Besides the pistons the rest of the figure hits every major articulation point imaginable and does so well. From raising C-3PO’s arms over his head to flag a desert transport to tilting his head down to watch a passing-by MSE droid, the Revoltech C-3PO can do it and more. You can even pull its limbs apart at the articulation points to recreate C-3PO’s encounter with Imperial Stormtroopers on Bespin.

As I noted, Revoltech’s superior articulation doesn’t come at the expense of aesthetics. C-3PO’s gold paint applications have a metallic tone to them look great in person. I personally prefer to the gold paint route to gold plating, but not everyone may agree. Another thing not everyone may agree on is C-3PO’s silhouette. The figure does have the lanky body that’s synonymous with many Japanese toys, though I think C-3PO gets a pass because Anthony Daniels is rail thin and fits this stylistic build. Unfortunately, as well as C-3PO is engineered and designed, the figure is not compatible with Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series figures as it stand taller than the baseline figures in Hasbro’s collector-focused offering. This will most likely be the deal breaker for most collectors.

The Revoltech C-3PO isn’t loaded with accessories, but it passes with enough add-ons to make it a worthwhile purchase. Two gripping hands are included, as are two stands–a clear circular stand that fits into a peg hole at the bottom of the figure’s feet and a clear arm that acts as a tripod and plugs into C-3PO’s rear “data” port. Finally, what may be the best accessory, an MSE droid as seen in the hallways of both Death Stars is also included. The MSE is molded in a single piece and does not have working wheels, which would have been a nice addition, but alas it’s a 6-inch scale MSE droid!

Is Kaiyodo’s Revoltech C-3PO for you? If you’re a collector of Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Star Wars line, C-3PO is a must have. If you’re cherry picking great figures, I’d highly recommend the C-3PO for its engineering feats and quality build. If you’re a Hasbro Star Wars Black Series collector looking to fill a hole in your line until Hasbro releases their 6-inch C-3PO, you’ll want to pass and hang in there.

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  • Juan Manuel Hernández Alvarez

    I’ve got this one. It’s very cool. Revoltech work in this one is very nice. It’s a very possable figure with lots of details. Although is a bit too stilished and a bit to thin in some parts, I like the sculpt very much. The golden finish is not so metal-shiny and it can be appreciated on your pics. The Hasbro 6′ Black Series C-3PO apears to be based on the small one with all those removable panels, chest plate and face to reveal something looks like Episode I Threepio. I recommend this one much better.

    • I agree, Juan. This one looks great although it’s a little thin in places and stylized. I like that Kaiyodo included the working pistons. The only thing is that it’s so tall. If it were just a little shorter it would fit in with the Hasbro and Tamashii lines much better. Still, the Revoltech C-3P0 and R2-D2 look fantastic posed next to one another.

      • Juan Manuel Hernández Alvarez

        Have you already gotten that Bandai C-3PO snap-kit? It´s f****ng awesome! It’s a pure mastercraft. It’s gold and it fits The Hasbro Black series Line much better than The Kaiyodo´s. It’s a bit hard to assemble, and it’s a bit difficult to see the black dot in the center behind the transparent eyes.

        • I do have it. It is amazing. I also have the R2-D2 and R5-D4 droids set. I weathered my C-3PO and he turned out really great. I’ll have to take some photos to share. I agree that the eyes as well as the sticker for the wires were a little disappointing. Overall, however, it’s an absolutely amazing figure.