Review: IAmElemental Courage Series 6.5″ Action Figure

Today we taking a look at something that I should have done sooner, the latest in the IAmElemental action figure line geared towards girls, but that doesn’t mean boys can’t check them out and enjoy them as well. So let’s take a look at Courage Series 6.5″ Action Figure. This figure represents the embodiment of the Courage Series, the seven 4 inch figures released earlier.

We first got a look at this figure back at Toy Fair in New York in February. At the time we talked with the designer and it was mentioned how they were not only looking at what American companies were doing with their action figures, but those from overseas in Japan and Hong Kong as well. More specifically, they were look at the articulation and how the sculpt would be affected by certain things.

The result has delivered a fine action figure. The Courage Series 6.5″ Action Figure rivals anything that Hasbro or Mattel is doing, but at the same time, fits in right next to it. The design features a decent amount of detail all while not overly doing it. So it fits next to your Marvel Legends, or Marvel Select, or DC Universe/Collectibles/Direct figures as well.

On the packaging it mentions that the figure was inspired by the historical figure, Joan of Arc. The result of this influence looks to be something that mashes up the superhero appearance of the 4″ figures along with a medieval suit of armor in the shoulder and chest gear and helmet. These pieces are all removable, so you can get different appearances out of the Courage 6.5″ figure. Topping off the Joan of Arc influence is a stylized sword that has an energy flame attached to the hilt of it and a larger version of the shields that come with the smaller figures.

As for the articulation itself, I don’t know if you can ask for much more for the size and cost. It has what looks like a double ball-jointed neck, butterfly ball-joints at the shoulders for a huge range of motion, double-jointed elbows, ball-jointed swivel wrists, chest and torso joints, hinge-joint swivel hips with a cut at the top for rotation, double-jointed knees and a ball-jointed rocker ankle. This all adds up to some amazing articulation for posing the figure. I do have an issue with the neck and head joint though. Yes there is some great articulation, but it is hindered by the sculpt (the hair and jaw area) here which doesn’t allow for much range in the head moving up or down. Not a deal breaker, but would be nice to see it move a little more freely is all.

This is simply an amazing action figure, regardless of who it is being marketed towards. I suppose one other issue I have, would be the packaging. More specifically the design on it. It is pretty simple and could use a little pizzazz to it. As someone who opens just about everything I get, it’s not that big a deal to me, but for those that are a MOC*/MISB** collector, this might be a let down. Maybe next time they can get in touch with me and I could help them out, designing something more eye-catching.

The IAmElemental Courage Series 6.5″ Action Figure is priced at very reasonable and competitive $24.99 and is available now from their online store. If you are a fan of cool well designed collectibles, then I suggest checking them out. If you know any kids that might be interested as well, maybe pick one up for them as well. What IAmElemental is doing so far is some fantastic work and when we last spoke to them it sounded like things were moving along in the right direction with another series of figure coming. Support your indy toy companies so we get more great fun product to enjoy!

* MOC – Mint On Card
** MISB – Mint In Sealed Box, or also known as (MISP) Mint In Sealed Packaging

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