Review: DC Collectibles The New Batman Adventures Roxy Rocket

The second deluxe figure in DC Collectibles’ Batman: The Animated Series / The New Batman Adventures line, Roxy Rocket includes the first vehicle as an accessory in Roxy’s rocket.

Roxy Rocket debuted on The New Batman Adventures in a 1998 episode titled The Ultimate Thrill. A Hollywood stunt double, Roxy was continually pushing the danger level of her stunts. Eventually, Roxy’s thirst for thrills resulted in her termination because no insurance company would cover her. Seeking her next adrenaline rush, Roxy started working for the Penguin as a petty thief when she crossed paths with Batman. The result was an epic rocket chase across Gotham that led to Roxy’s apprehension.

DC Collectible’s Roxy Rocket is a fantastic animated-to-action figure translation of the character. From her cap and goggles to her bomber jacket and adventurer’s grin, DCC captured Roxy’s likeness from The Ultimate Thrill perfectly. Roxy is articulated at the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles, allowing her to be posed sitting atop the included rocket. Two additional pairs of interchangeable hands are included and can be used to hold onto the rocket’s handlebars or in handling one of Roxy’s other accessories, which include a pistol, flare gun with Bat single flare and wrench. Rocky also includes a stand with adjustable arm and base featuring turnarounds of the character. If you’re not displaying the figure on the rocket, you’ll need the stand. The figure is top heavy and the tiny feet and ankles are too weak to support the figure on its own for an extended period of time. This isn’t a design flaw, it’s the animation style of the Batman animates series, which requires the top-heavy tapered silhouettes on the figures. Despite this, I do wish DC Collectible’s would find a workaround to strengthen the joints on the figures, especially at the hips, knees and ankles (maybe using ratchets) so that the figures could stand on their own without reliance on a stand.

Roxy’s rocket is well designed and painted matching the rockets Roxy is seen flying in The Ultimate Thrill. As previously mentioned the included interchangeable hands allow the figure to be posed gripping the rocket’s handlebars or pulling the throttle (which is stationary on the toy). The rocket includes two batteries that power a LED light in the engine that lights up when you twist the afterburner. The light is strong, bright and looks great! A clear stand is included for posing the rocket in flight mode and while it’s not capable of placing the rocket in any dynamic poses, it does the trick. In the end, when you put it all together and sit Roxy atop her rocket, holding her pistol, looking back as though she’s aiming at Batman to where you can see the bright LED light of the rocket’s engine, you’ve got a great display piece as part of your Batman animated collection.

DC Collectibles The New Batman Adventures Roxy Rocket is another great addition to what’s shaping up to be one of my favorite action figure lines of 2015. Whether you’re looking to go all in or just cherry pick from your favorite characters, I can’t recommend DCC’s Batman animated line highly enough.

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