Review: DC Collectibles The Flash TV Series Captain Cold Figure

To go along with a new episode of The Flash TV series tonight, we are taking a look at the DC Collectibles The Flash TV Series Captain Cold Action Figure. This is the second action figure from DC Collectibles based on characters from the hit television series.

On the show the character Captain Cold is played by Wentworth Miller, with the hooded coat and Cold Gun, this version of The Flash’s Rogues pays homage to his classic counterpart than the modern-day version of him. The ideology and attitude are still the same though, as he rides the thin line between criminal and anti-hero.

The DC Collectibles captured the look perfectly in their Captain Cold figure. The sculpt and details in the figure make this look like it walked right out of the television. Though the hood and the goggles obscure it, the head does look like Miller too. At least as much as can be expected at this scale.

When it comes to articulation, DC Collectibles is pretty generous when it comes to their TV based series of action figures. Though Captain Cold has some decent articulation, it is hindered by the sculpt of the jacket for the most part. Wielding the Cold Gun is impossible with two hands, so he is left holding it with one. There is also no torso articulation, again because of the jacket. I look forward to the day that companies can figure out a way to blend articulation and sculpt better.

As you can see in the photos, there is only one accessory included with Captain Cold, his Cold Gun. With an obvious higher budget when it comes to these TV based series action figures, it would have been nice to see a freeze effect piece or two included as well. At least something that could be attached to another figure to show the Cold Gun’s effects.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the second figure in DC Collectibles The Flash TV Series lineup, the first being The Flash himself. But DC Collectibles is changing that with Reverse Flash and Heat Wave on the horizon coming in early 2016.

Overall DC Collectibles The Flash TV Series Captain Cold Figure is a decent figure and if you are a fan of the TV series, then it is worth picking up. And once Heat Wave is out, you will have the duo to take on The Flash in your display.

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