Review: DC Collectibles DC Comics Icons Mister Miracle (New 52)


Today we are continuing our look at DC Collectibles new line of 6-inch scale DC figures called DC Comic Icons. We kicked things off with the DC Comics Icons Deadman, number 2 in the series, (Last Rites) Batman marked as number 1 (no surprise there) and now today we are taking a look at number 4, the one and only, Mister Miracle!

This version of Mister Miracle is based on his latest incarnation, the New 52 version. Mister Miracle has had many appearance changes overs the years since his creation in the early ’70s by the legendary Jack Kirby. He has since gone on to have a cult following of sorts, as he is not the most popular DC Comics superhero, but he certainly has passionate fans.

The DC Collectibles DC Comics Icons Mister Miracle (New 52) is one fantastic looking figure. I had a hard time between him and Batman, in determining which I liked better. Batman did win in the end, but only because he was Batman. Both figures are amazing, but Mister Miracle shines above them all (so far), because of the amazing paint application. This is some of the best I have seen in a non-import figure. The colors are rich and vibrant with the metallic paint used. That alone drew me in.

Just like with the previously reviewed Batman and Deadman, DC Collectibles listened to their fans when it came to articulation and they put a lot into this figure. Mister Miracle has double-jointed elbows and knees, swivel wrists and rocker ankles. As for the rest of the joints there are a ball-socket head and upper-torso; swivel-hinged shoulders, wrists and hips; swivel biceps; and hinged abdomen. This all makes for one fantastic collector friendly action figure.

As for accessories, Mister Miracle comes with a set of interchangeable hands; one of the sentient, miniaturized, portable supercomputers, known as a Mother Box; and a set of Aero Discs. The hands swap out very easily, I dare say that DC Collectibles may have mastered this interchangeable option compared to what always feels like fragile process on import figures. The Mother Box fits nicely into one of the opened hands. And the Aero Discs have rollers on the bottom of them for when you want to push Mister Miracle around and pretend he is roller-skating? Joking, it a cool feature.

Overall the DC Collectibles DC Comics Icons Mister Miracle (New 52) is a great figure. So far it is one of the top figures on my list from DC Collectibles. If you are DC Comics fan, or a fan of great figures, then I definitely suggest picking one up. I do have to say that DC Collectibles is doing a fantastic job with the DC Comics Icons line so far and I’m really looking forward to seeing more!

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