Review: DC Collectibles DC Comics Icons Deadman

DC Collectibles - DC Icons Deadman
In February, after Mattel had announced it was ending the DC Universe Classics line, DC Collectibles revealed it planned to produce a new line of 6-inch scale DC figures in-house. The first dozen figures in the line were revealed at Toy Fair and the first wave, comprised of Batman, Deadman, Mr. Miracle and the Green Arrow, is hitting stores now.

One of DC’s more obscure characters to mainstream fans, Deadman debuted in the DC Comics’ Universe in 1967 (issue 205 of Strange Adventures). Deadman was the stage name of trapeze performer Boston Brand, who was murdered by an unknown assailant during a performance. Brand–now truly a dead man–was granted the ability to possess any living being, by a Hindu god, so that he could find his killer and bring them to justice.

In Deadman, DC Collectibles gives hardcore DC fans a great interpretation of the character. The first thing that really stands out about the figure are its precise paint applications. While there isn’t a lot of paint, the paint on the face and chest, around the eyes, and at the forearms and calves is done well. One thing that bothered me about Mattel’s DCUC figures and I don’t care for on Deadman are the sculpt-less gauntlets and boots that are indicated by a different paint color. I’m hoping it’s something DC Collectibles will address in the future because it makes an otherwise great figure feel like its missing that little extra detail.

Deadman includes a ball-socket head and upper-torso; swivel-hinged shoulders, wrists and hips; double-hinged elbows and knees; swivel biceps; hinged abdomen, and rocker ankles. All the joints are tight, though the connector piece between the elbow and knee joints is a little soft. While the figure doesn’t include a stand, it’s very well balanced and stands well on its own. Deadman comes with a set of open-palmed hands that are interchangeable with the close-fisted hands that come on the figure. Deadman also includes an accessory that can be placed over one of DC’s other Icons figures in order to take possession of them. It’s a cool transparent piece sculpted to look like Deadman and works fairly well.

At the core, Deadman is a simple, but cool looking figure and a solid entry into the new 6-inch Icons line. Of the first four figures in the Icons wave, Deadman is my favorite because of the great paint apps and possession accessory. If the first wave of figures is an indicator of things to come, we’re in store for some great stuff from the DC Collectibles Icons line.

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