Review: DC Collectibles DC Comics Icons Batman (Last Rites)

Continuing our look at DC Collectibles new line of 6-inch scale DC figures, DC Comic Icons, today we are taking a look at Batman. We kicked things off with the DC Comics Icons Deadman, number 2 in the series, Batman is designated as number 1.

The DC Comics Icons line is meant to capture the characters from all eras and this version of Batman is based on the “Last Rites” storyline that took place in 2009, written by Grant Morrison and drawn by artist Tony Daniel. In the “Last Rites” storyline, Bruce Wayne is missing and it is in fact, Dick Grayson wearing the cape and cowl.

Not that it makes any difference when it comes to the figure, it can be whomever you want under that mask. It also doesn’t change that this might be one of the best Batman figures produced for the domestic market. DC Collectibles has done an amazing job with the sculpt and articulation that the DC Comics Icons line might become the line for many collectors. As long as they can get past the smaller size of figures.

As I mentioned, the sculpt on this Batman figure is fantastic from head-to-toe. It has great details like wrinkles in the suit around the shoulder and hip areas and the muscle sculpting is not overly done. This all makes for a great figure in my opinion.

But that alone doesn’t put it over the top, the articulation is what does it. DC Collectibles listened to their fans as they put a lot into this figure articulation wise. This is what you would expect in a collector oriented line these days. There are double-jointed elbows and knees, swivel wrists and rocker ankles. As for the rest of the joints there are a ball-socket head and upper-torso; swivel-hinged shoulders, wrists and hips; swivel biceps; and hinged abdomen.

Batman also comes with a set of interchangeable opened grabbing hands to swap out for the closed fists he comes packaged with. There is also a Batarang that fits nicely into his hand and a left-hand that has a grappling cable-gun molded with it.

Overall the DC Comics Icons Batman 6″ Action Figure is a solid figure. There is plenty of articulation and still manages to pull off a great sculpt. The figure is great for all ages — from collectors to kids — as it will display, or just play nicely with no worries of breaking.

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