Review: DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series The Joker

The final figure in our review of the second wave of DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series figures is the clown prince of crime himself, The Joker.

One of Batman’s arch villains, The Joker comes with accessories seen in an episode of The Animated Series titled “The Last Laugh.” In the episode, The Joker plays a cruel April Fool’s Day prank on Gotham City when he uses a garbage barge to unleash laughing gas on Gotham’s citizens. When Gotham is incapacitated from the effects of the gas, the Joker goes on a crime spree, until he’s confronted by Batman.

Like Man-Bat and Robin, The Joker in constructed of vastly improved plastics with superior paint applications, when compared to the first wave of The Animated Series / The New Batman Adventures figures. DC Collectibles took the time to update their production materials, after receiving feedback about the first wave, in order to ensure the best quality figures make it in fans’ hand, and they’ve succeeded. In the Joker’s case, the character’s devilish grin, green streak in the hair and vivid purple suit with flower lapel all come sharply translated into figure form and the articulation is strong and durable. The Joker is articulated with a ball-jointed head, swivel-hinge shoulders wrists and hips, ball-hinged elbows, hinged knees, and swivel waist and ankles. The suit jacket is made of a soft plastic so not to hinder articulation at the hips and the included fisted hands can be switched-out with two other sets of included hands, which come in handy (see what I did there?) when equipping the included accessories. I was concerned when I swapped out the hands and saw some paint flaking, but it was unwarranted as the insert stems on the switch-out hands has some excess paint that flakes, but does not have any adverse effect on the figure’s aesthetics. In fact, the plastic on the stems is the same color as the paint so you really don’t notice that it’s even come off. Still, it’s a bit alarming.

As aforementioned, DC Collectibles based The Joker on an episode title “The Last Laugh” and the figures accessories are all from the episode, albeit some a little obscure. Joker includes the comb he’s seen fixing his hair with prior to going on his looting rampage in Gotham City, the pearl necklace he acquires on his rampage, a knife he uses on a garbage can to poke holes into in an attempt to rid himself of Batman and a spyglass he uses to track the sinking garbage can with Batman in it. The Joker also includes the fishbowl-shaped helmet he uses to protect himself against the laughing gas. Unfortunately, the helmet is split along the front-to-back axis when placed on the figure–the respirators should be positioned on the left and right–instead of the left-to-right axis. This results in a visual seam obscuring the Joker’s face with the helmet on. It’s a cool accessory and I’m a bit bummed about the seam, though I don’t really see myself displaying the figure with the helmet on too often. Finally, a stand with a base that features turnarounds of The Joker and an adjustable arm with waist clip comes packed with the figure, as well.

DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series The Joker figure continues DC’s impressive offering in The Animated Series / The New Batman Adventures line and is available for purchase at I highly recommend DC’s animated line and even if you’re only looking to pick up a few figures from the line, The Joker is a must-have.

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