Review: DC Collectibles Batman Animated Mask of the Phantasm Two-Pack

Based on the Batman Animated movie Batman – Mask of the Phantasm, DC Collectibles’ Mask of the Phantasm two-pack includes Batman and Phantasm figures from the animated feature.

In Mask of The Phantasm Batman is wrongly accused of a series of mob murders that are the work of a new mysterious vigilante in Gotham. One the run from police, Batman searches out the vigilante’s identity in order to clear his name.

DC Collectible’s Mask of the Phantasm Batman figure is nearly identical to the single-card Batman: The Animated Series Batman figure. The difference between the two figures is that the Mask of the Phantasm two-pack Batman has a head sculpt with clenched teeth while the single-carded figure has a stoic, straight-lipped expression. Interestingly, my two-pack Batman figure lacks paint on the teeth, which appears to be a factory error as the publicity photos suggest the figure’s teeth should be painted. Besides the head sculpt, the two-pack Batman lacks several of the accessories included with the single-carded figure including only two interchangeable batarang holding hands, as well as a batarang. Batman has the standard articulation we’ve come to expect from the Batman Animated line including ball-jointed head, swivel-hinged shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles, which also pivot. The figure’s joints are tight and Batman stands well on his own, unsupported. A stand with a character art turnaround on the base and an adjustable arm with waist clip comes with the figure, as well.

Unlike the Batman figure, Phantasm is an all-new sculpt and the first incarnation we get of the character in the Batman Animated line. The figure includes a gray soft-plastic robe that is glued down to the torso. While the hood can be slipped off the head, it’s not intended and for the sake of not damaging your figure, I would avoid doing so. Unfortunately, the permanently adhered hood limits the poseability of the ball-hinged head and you’ll almost always have to keep the head looking forward. Thankfully it’s nowhere near as much an issue as it was with the DC Icons Green Arrow figure and I attribute that to the two interchangeable hands included with Phantasm that lend well to the figure being posed facing forward. The clawed hand looks especially great when the figure is posed in a shadowy, low crouch because the tattered sculpt of the cape is translated very well from the character model. Like Batman, Phantasm has tight joints and standard articulation, although the figure’s boots and axe hand are swivel joints only. I did notice that the character’s axe hand appeared to have more of a metallic paint scheme in the movie, which I would have liked to see translated on the figure in place of the matte light gray paint. Phantasm also includes a stand with a character art turnaround on the base and an adjustable arm with waist clip.

While the Mask of the Phantasm two-pack would have benefited from a deluxe accessory like a fog effect for Phantasm, I still see the value in owning it, especially if you own DC Collectibles’ Batman Animated Batmobile. Besides getting an all-new Phantasm figure, which is a bonus to any Mask of the Phantasm fan the two-pack also saves you from having to pick up a second single-cared Batman (which has jumped in price on the secondary market) to helm the Batmobile. The Mask of the Phantasm two-pack Batman figure can jump behind the wheel of the Batmobile while your single carded figure remains on display with the rest of your animated figures. Sometimes it’s just good to have multiple versions of the main character for display options and the alternate expression adds enough value to make this pack worth picked up. The Mask of the Phantasm two-pack is currently available on

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  • Mario J. Vilchez

    I picked this up thinking i was getting another of the same batman, the slightly different face was a nice suprise but the missing paint on the teeth looked really odd to me. I painted it in but the white is just too bright now. This pack needed an extra oomph though, unmasked heads, something. anything seems like a wasted slot in the figure line up.

    • OK so I’m not the only one with unpainted teeth. Good to know. Yeah the pack is a little underwhelming. I see it as a way of getting a Phantasm figure and a second Batman for my Batmobile, but think the pack should have been $5 – $10 cheaper since it didn’t offer much in the way of anything new. An unmasked Bruce Wayne head would have been cool, but Phantasm would have been tough since they made the body bigger and it really wouldn’t fit a female head. It’s a decent set, but Man-bat and Killer Croc with Baby-Doll were better values, for sure.