Review: DC Collectibles Batman Animated Killer Croc with Baby-Doll

DC Collectibles Batman Animated Killer Croc with Baby-Doll

Gotham’s Bonnie and Clyde, Killer Croc and Baby-Doll, join DC Collectibles’ Batman Animated line with figures based on their appearance in an episode of The New Batman Adventures titled Love is a Croc.

With their unusual physical appearances the basis for their bond, the sinister Killer Croc and unassuming Baby-Doll make an unlikely pair. The two plan their heists from Croc’s sewer hideaway, but despite several successful robberies Baby-Doll’s infatuation becomes too much for Killer Croc to handle and it takes Batman and Batgirl to save the day, and Gotham.

DC Collectibles’ Killer Croc and Baby-Doll add yet another fantastic pair of villains to the Batman Animated line. Both figures are near perfect animation-to-plastic character translations, a characteristic of DCC’s Batman Animated line. Killer Croc is tall and bulky, as he should be, towering over Batman. Croc has the standard articulation we’ve come to expect with the Batman Animated line including swivel-hinged shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles, and a ball-hinged head and torso. Killer Croc’s swivel-hinged ankles include a pivot, ensuring the figure stands well on his own and I was even able to get Croc to hold Baby-Doll unsupported. Croc includes the baby bottle he’s seen holding while napping on the couch in Love is a Croc, a pair of switch-out hands and his favorite snack, a whole chicken. A stand with a base that features turnarounds of Killer Croc and an adjustable arm with waist clip comes packed with the figure as does, a stack of cash, which can be used as an accessory for either Croc or Baby-Doll.

The diminutive Baby-Doll features her big eyes, blonde pigtails, and pink doll-style dress. Her innocent appearance disguises her ruthless nature as Baby-Doll includes her bouncing ball bomb, which she uses when she and Croc crash the cruise ship casino. I was surprised at Baby-Doll’s many articulation points, which include swivel arms and legs, and a rotating head and waist. It would have been easy to create Baby-Doll as an unarticulated statue-type piece, but DC Collectibles went the extra mile to give us an articulated figure. Like many of the other Batman Animated figures, Baby-Doll is top heavy because the character designs of The New Batman Adventures dictate charcaters have broader upper-bodies that taper down to thin legs. This design style has been problematic for other figure and I had a hard time getting Baby-Doll to stand unsupported mainly because one of the figure’s legs was ever so slightly shorter than the other. I’m not sure if this is an isolated incident, but it’s unfortunate because, unlike Killer Croc, Baby-Doll does not include a stand.

The DC Collectibles Killer Croc with Baby-Doll set highlights why the Batman Animated line is currently among my favorite lines to collect: the diversity of its villains. The unique personalities of each of Gotham’s enimies make the line fun to collect. While the animated style doesn’t always lend well to articulation, the figures are well executed aesthetically, which is what matters to me. I’m a big fan of the Batman Animated line and eagerly anticipate each new addition.

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  • Barbecue17

    Wow! I can’t believe this set is out already! Nice score!

    • It’s crazy how quickly these hit at the end of the year. I actually have a backlog of BTAS / TNBA figures that I’m photographing to review. The Batman and Phantasm 2-Pack is up next.