Review: ‘Batman’s Arsenal: An Unauthorized Encyclopedic Chronicle’ by Matt MacNabb


Released in early January, the Batman’s Arsenal: An Unauthorized Encyclopedic Chronicle by Matt MacNabb is a must have for any fan of The Dark Knight. This 456 page softcover book covers in great detail the many gadgets, weapons and vehicles of Batman’s from over the years–going all the way back to his debut in Detective Comics #27 in 1939 to present day including the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film.

Batman’s Arsenal starts off with a preface from one of the most recognizable and iconic people to wear the cape and cowl, Adam West. From there the book jumps right into the thick of it with the Batmobile. Other things covered in the book are the Batarang, Batboat, Batcave, Bat-Signal, Batsuit and more. MacNabb has done his research–exhaustedly you could say–because I think you would be hard press to find something that was missed. The book covers past television shows like Batman ’66 series, to the popular 1989 Batman movie, to the fan favorite Batman animation of the ’90s–Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond. There are even references to gadgets from many comic books from DC Comics and the Batman Arkham video game series.

If had one thing I would like to have seen in the book, that would be images. There are no images to go along with all this immense research in the book, which certainly would have been nice, but at the same time not entirely needed. This is an “unauthorized” work, so that could be why there are none, or I could be wrong as I don’t know the exact legalities behind that. Aside from that, the design and layout of the book is great, with the pages presented in two-colors on white. The decades spanning information is nicely laid out in the book and very easy to read.

If you are a Batman fan, then adding the Batman’s Arsenal: An Unauthorized Encyclopedic Chronicle to your collection is something you definitely need to do. As a definite definitive guide into the world of Batman, MacNabb has put together something great.

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