Review: Bandai Tamashii Nations Ultra-Act Ultraman Mebius Figure

So a long story short to kick off this review. My co-editor here at Pop Critica, Rich, has been pushing me to check out the import figures we cover here in more detail. He has sworn that I would really like them that they are solid figures, so much so that he has gotten rid of most of his domestic collection and been getting stuff like S.H. Figures, MAFEX, Play Arts Kai, etc.

Now I begin my journey down that dark path towards the import side. I decided to kick it off with a property that I really enjoyed as a kid growing up in the early ‘80s. During this time local channels aired reruns of Godzilla and Ultraman. I instantly fell in love with both. That brings me to the figure I’m reviewing today, the Bandai Tamashii Nations Ultra-Act Ultraman Mebius Figure. Now this version of Ultraman is from the 2006-2007 Ultraman Mebius television series, so obviously much newer, but still a part of the legacy.

The Ultraman Mebius Figure was released in October 2014 in Japan (November 2014 it was available in the U.S.). Released as part of the Ultra-Act series, this delivered a great quality figure that is about 6” tall and features a ton of articulation. The Mebius figure has the same great articulation that is found with many S.H. Figuarts figures. This includes ball-joints galore: with a ball-neck joint, shoulders, hips, wrists and ankles. There are also double-jointed elbows and knees, and the toe articulation point that is common with these figures.

My only thing with this figure and others like it is the shoulder and hip joints. Depending on how the figure is posed, there can be a gaping hole and this kind of detracts from the look of the figure. But for the most part, all this articulation allows for some fun posing and displaying, making it a fair trade-off.

Included with the Ultra-Act Ultraman Mebius Figure are two extra sets of hands. One set of closed fists and the other with open flat hands. These allow you to recreate many familiar poses for Mebius. Also with the figure are three swappable chest plates. One just features a red Color Timer to show the Ultraman’s low power. The other chest plate is a smaller version of the blue Color Timer that allows you to move the arms in closer to each other, great for posing in the all too familiar Specium Ray pose.

Speaking of the Specium Ray, Mebius comes with two Effects Parts. The first one is a right hand with the Mebium Specium Beam Effects Part extending from it. This gives you the ability to recreate that famous pose. The other Effects Part includes is an extension of the Mebius Brace, a gift given to Mebius from Father of Ultra. The Mebium Blade Effects Part swaps out on the left.

For my first foray into the import collectibles market I am geniunally happy with the Ultra-Act Ultraman Mebius figure. This figure all but posed itself in these pictures. The only “issue” I had with the figure is the swapping out of the parts, I felt like I might break the points with the parts attach. I’m sure they are something that can break, but could just be I need to adjust to this too.

Overall I’m pretty much hooked on these now and will be doing more reviews in the coming weeks. So for now, enjoy this gallery of the Tamashii Nations Ultra-Act Series Ultraman Mebius Figure.

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