Reminder, Time Is Almost Up for ‘Transforming Collections’ 3rd Party Transformers Toy Reference Book Donations

toy-news-and-talkJust a reminder that the Kickstarter fundraiser for the ‘Transforming Collections’ Toy Reference Book by Philip Reed has less than 72 hours left to it. If you are a Transformers collector, than this project will probably be of interest to you. It will cover many of the various third-party Transformers out there, utilizing gorgeous photography and as much detailed information possible.

It has already raised its first $999 goal, and many of the stretch goals, but more that can still be unlocked. So if you haven’t taken the time to check it out, head on over to the Kickstarter page for, ‘Transforming Collections’ Toy Reference Book and do so. If you are a fan/collector of Transformers or unique figures, this book is definitely for you.

Transforming Collections includes:
Introduction. An overview of the book.
Companies. A short review of the third-party manufacturers featured in the book.
Toy Photos! As many as I can pack inside, including full-page shots. There will be a mix of the best pictures I have taken so far and an assortment of new pics . . . including photos of toys I have not yet reviewed online! (See sample photos in my “Third Party Toys and Accessories” set at Flickr.)

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