Remaining Five Gold Saints Revealed in Tamashii’s Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold Lineup

Saint Seiya Soul of Gold Taurus AldebaranTamashii Nations has revealed the five outstanding Gold Saints in their Sould of Gold Saint Cloth Myth EX line.

Based on the Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold anime series, which tells the story of the beloved Gold Saints in the aftermath of Athena’s battle against Hades, the final five saints will complete the full lineup of 12, when released.

Although no release dates were noted, Scorpio Milo, Taurus Aldebaran, Pisces Aphrodite, Libra Dohko, and Gemini Saga were seen in near production form indicating that they’ll come swiftly in the coming months.

Currently, Aquarius Camus and Sagittarius Aiolos are scheduled to arrive in July and Sept., respectively, with Leo Aioria, Cancer Deathmask, Virgo Shaka, Aries Mu, and Capricorn Shura having seen release.

Tamashii’s Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold figures range in price from $100 – $130. The figures include diecast armored pieces, which also serve in forming an ornament of each character’s deriving constellation.

Photo Credit: amiami

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