Recommended Reading: TOOTH AND CLAW and COPPERHEAD From Image Comics

Yes, I actually do read more than just Marvel Comics. Being someone who has done independent comic book publishing in the past, I have a great appreciation for books that aren’t from the Big Two. That doesn’t mean I don’t like Marvel’s and DC’s books, I grew up on them, just means there is more out there than just them. So with that said, I’d like to recommend two series from Image Comics. If you haven’t checked either one out, then I highly suggest you give them a look.


First up is Tooth and Claw #1. This come out this past Wednesday, November 5th. It is a new series from writer Kurt Busiek, and artist Ben Dewey. It is being described as Conan meets Game of Thrones meets Kamandi. Now after reading the first issue, I’m not sure I see that, but maybe it will just take another issue or two to see that big picture. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, I thought it was a great read. At 45 pages and no ads for $2.99, you can’t go wrong these days. If you like reading stuff with anthropomorphic animals (I think that is the right word) that deal with a world of magic, then you might just find yourself enjoying it. Check out the preview pages below, then head to your local comic shop or find it on comiXology for a Tooth and Claw #1 digital copy today.


This second book I’m recommending, I meant to post about sooner, but got wrapped up in some other things. If you like westerns and sci-fi, and don’t mind mixing your chocolate and peanut butter, then this one is for you. Copperhead is a western book, with a sci-fi backdrop. It is written by Jay Faerber (Near Death, Dynamo 5, Noble Causes) and artist Scott Godlewski (Dracula: The Company of Monsters). They are telling the story of Clara Bronson, a single mother and the new sheriff in Copperhead, a small mining town on a distant planet. There are all kinds of archetypes featured in the series, which has two issues available and Copperhead #3 being released on Wednesday, November 12th. There are some sample pages and covers below to check out. Look for this series at your local comic shop and digitally through comiXology.

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