[RUMOR] Rashida Jones “Top Pick” for Janet Van Dyne (aka The Wasp) in Ant-Man? Plus A Third Name for Ant-Man Role?

hollywood-movie-newsA new rumor has surfaced for possible casting for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. Now the word is that The Wasp won’t be joining Ant-Man in the upcoming film, but her public persona Janet Van Dyne will be. She will be Hank Pym’s love interest and Wasp hinted at for an appearance later on. A name has been discovered to be a front-runner pick for the role, Rashida Jones. Some will recognize her from Parks & Recreation on TV, and her roles in I Love You, Man and My Idiot Brother. Definitely an interesting choice, I’m sure she’ll do just fine, though not sure how she will be as The Wasp if the character ever makes it to the big screen.

Also, a third candidate has been discovered to be considered for the role of Ant-Man. The latest name to be associated with the small, but might Avenger is Jamie Bell. Some details that have both Bell and Edgar Wright in LA doing some blue screen work at the same time suggest that he is in fact doing some testing/reading for the role of Ant-Man. So along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd, we have a third name to look at. (Source: Superhero Movie News & Screenrant)

rashida-jones janet-van-dyne -the-wasp

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