Quick Pics of Jurassic Park 3D TRU Exclusive Dino Showdown Set

toy-news-and-talkTerror Drome forum member gijoefrank managed to score the new Jurassic Park 3D Dino Showdown Allosaurus Assault and Paychyrhinosaurus Clash sets today. He found them at a Toys R Us store in Southern California. We just found out about these sets yesterday, thanks to Chris Pugh (aka @demoncarnotaur) on Twitter, and it was said they should be arriving at Toys R Us stores very soon. Well I guess that was an understatement. There are some quick low-res pics thanks to gijoefrank too. He also sent images of what is under the yellow stickers on the back of the packaging. Looks like a couple of dinosaurs didn’t make the cut. So it seems the hunt is on for these now!

UPDATED: Added higher res images of the Dino Showdown sets thanks to gijoefrank. They are the first seven images in the gallery below.

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