Puppet Master Halloween Special #1 (Action Lab), A Great Tribute To Those Murdering Puppets!

Normally this isn’t a book I get, maybe it was because Halloween was upon us, but I’m glad I picked up Puppet Master Halloween Special #1 from Action Lab this week. They have an ongoing series right now as well, but I have yet to pick up an issue of that. So I figured why not check this out. It looked fun.

This will probably be short review because let’s be honest there isn’t a lot here, but that isn’t saying it’s not worth your time. Quite the opposite. Like the movies that his comic is based on, there is a level of entertainment that you will enjoy. If you are a fan of the horror genre, and just love to watch the movies from ‘80s, then this needs to be something pick up.

Puppet Master Halloween Special #1 felt like a condensed movie. It starts off with a sorority house filled with those scantily dressed co-eds that always seem to be an invite for serial killers. And as each girl in the sorority house is murdered in typical horror movie fashion, you feel as though you are watching a movie with the turn of the page.. The team of writer Shawn Gabborin and artist Antonio Ontiveros tell a great story of horror featuring those creepy puppets.

At the end of the book it says to follow the story in original cult-classic Puppet Master movie. So apparently this we meant as a prequel story of sorts.

The Good: It is ‘80s horror goodness!

The Bad: Too short, but to be fair it is a special and there is a regular series.

Overall, Puppet Master Halloween Special #1 is an entertaining book, if you enjoy the genre and are a fan of the films, then this needs to be checked out.

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