Pullip Queen Serenity Announced for Sailor Moon Lineup

Pullip Queen SerenityDollmaker Groove has announced a Queen Serenity doll for their 12-inch scale Pullip Sailor Moon collection. Queen Serenity joins the previously released Princess Serenity, among others, in the line.

The Pullip Queen Serenity doll is fully articulated and features moveable eyes and independently controlled eyelids for that signature anime wink. The doll comes uniquely styled in the likeness of Queen Serenity with rooted silver hair, transparent wings, and a mermaid dress. A Premium Bandai version of the doll exclusive to Japan will include a Moon Stick with Silver Crystal bonus accessory.

Look for Grooves latest Pullip Sailor Moon doll to be available in Aug., with pre-orders opening tomorrow. Queen Serenity is priced ¥22,000, which is about $210.

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