Promo Clip for Arrow Season 2, Episode 8 “The Scientist” — Introducing Barry Allen!

television-tv-news-and-talkIt is almost here. The first episode featuring Barry Allen, aka The Flash! When Arrow returns in two weeks, the episode “The Scientist” we will be introduced to Barry Allen (guest star Grant Gustin), in what will be three episodes this season before premiering in his own solo series next year.

In the next all-new episode of Arrow, a seemingly impossible robbery at Queen Consolidated’s Applied Sciences Division brings Central City police scientist Barry Allen to town. Citing a similar case back home, Barry offers to help Oliver and team with the investigation. Oliver senses there is more to Barry than meets the eye, but he’s distracted by the similarities between this current case and something that happened on the island.

Arrow returns in two weeks with the first of a 2-part midseason finale on Wednesday, December 4th at 8pm on The CW. In the meantime, enjoy the episode promo below.

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