Previews of COBRA #20, Danger Girl/G.I. Joe #5, Doctor Who #4 and TF Prime: Rage of the Dinobots #2 from IDW Publishing

comic-book-newsAnother short work week because of the holiday, and we are kicking it off on a Wednesday. That means…new comics! And from IDW Publishing we have some previews of a few of their books to share with you. A few titles available this week from IDW is COBRA #20, Danger Girl/G.I. Joe #5 (of 5), Doctor Who Vol. 3 #4 and Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots #2 and we have previews of them for you. You can look for these IDW titles and others, on sale tomorrow Wednesday, January 2nd at your local comic shop. Or available in digital format through the website or app. In the meantime, you can check out advance previews of the books below.

COBRA #20 Preview

Mike Costa (w) • Antonio Fuso (a & c)

OKTOBER IS BURNING! The covert G.I. JOE team is in for the fight of their lives as they go toe-to-toe against the OKTOBER GUARD! But who are they? Where did they come from? And what do they want? The answers will shock you—but we can tell you that MAJOR BLUDD is looking for retribution

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant Cover:
– Joe Eisma & Juan Castro variant cover!

Bullet Points:
• The OKTOBER GUARD are here—and they want to take down G.I. Joe!
• The biggest story COBRA has ever told!

Danger Girl/G.I. Joe #5 (of 5) Preview

Andy Hartnell (w) • John Royle (a) • J. Scott Campbell (c)

The fifth and final issue of the historic first meeting of Danger Girl and G.I. JOE pulls out all the stops-heart-pounding, sweat-inducing, action-packed, this issue will exceed all your expectations! The explosive grand finale is finally here!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Doctor Who Vol. 3 #4 Preview

Brandon Seifert (w) • Philip Bond (a) • Mark Buckingham (c)

The second issue in a special two-part story featuring the art of Philip Bond! With the Doctor and Rory on a boys night out gone wrong, Amy must face the Silence on her own! All that plus lots of beer!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant Cover:
– Variant photo cover!

Bullet Points:
• Written by Brandon Seifert, co-creator of the Image series Witch Doctor!
• Art by Philip Bond, best known for Tank Girl and Kill Your Boyfriend!
• Features fan-favorite villains The Silence!

Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots #2 Preview

Mike Johnson & Mairghread Scott (w) • Agustin Padilla (a) • Ken Christiansen (c)

CYBERTRON FALLING! As their world collapses around them, the DINOBOTS battle SHOCKWAVE’s forces to protect the fleeing Cybertronians! SWOOP’s life hangs in the balance—his teammates fight to save him, but will he succumb to evil? The answer may not be what you expect!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

*Variant Cover:
– Nick Roche inter-connected variant cover, connecting with the variants for issues # 1 – 4!

Bullet Points:
• Bringing the fan-favorite DINOBOTS to the mega-popular PRIME world!
• A bold new world of TRANSFORMERS storytelling—in continuity with the hit TV show but blazing an exciting trail you can only see in comics!

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