Preview of NECA’s Predators Series 10 (Kenner Wave) Card Back Art with Bios

toy-news-and-talkOver the last few days NECA has been sharing (teasing?) fans with the card back art for their upcoming Predators Series 10 line-up. Check out the card art, with bios for Kenner inspired Predators: Lava Planet Predator, Nightstorm Predator and Hive Wars Predator. These Predators will be available by the end of the month, or early October. So enjoy the preview below, then be on the look out for them soon. I know I will be!

neca-predators-series-10-lava-planet-predator-card-back neca-predators-series-10-nightstorm-predator-card-back neca-predators-series-10-hive-wars-predator-card-back

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