Preview of Marvel’s Amazing X-Men #5 — It’s Red Vs. Blue!

comic-book-newsQuickly becoming one of my favorite books from Marvel is, the Amazing X-Men. With some of the X-Men on a mission to rescue Nightcrawler, the series has become a swashbuckling adventure. In the next issue, it is the Amazing X-Men and Nightcrawler on “Team Blue” versus his father, Azazel on “Team Red” in a battle for Hell!

Sure it might seem a little silly, but honestly it has been a blast to read so far. With some of my favorite X-Men involved — Storm, Iceman, Nightcrawler, along with Alpha Flight’s Northstar and the mutant that is a former New Warrior and Avenger, Firestar — Amazing X-Men by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness is worth your time and money. Check out the preview (unlettered) below, then look for Amazing X-Men #5 on sale Wednesday, March 26, 2014. (Source: CBR)

amazing-x-men-5-cover-by-ed-mcguiness amazing-x-men-5-preview-page-01 amazing-x-men-5-preview-page-02 amazing-x-men-5-preview-page-03

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