Preview of Marvel’s All-New Invaders #1

comic-book-newsMarvel has posted a first look preview of their All-New Invaders #1. Heading up this latest incarnation of the Invaders is Eisner Award-Winning and fan-favorite writer James Robinson and artist Steve Pugh. The All-New Invaders #1 will be on sale January 22, 2014 at your local comic shops. Before then check out a few preview pages and the cover to the issue below. (Source: Marvel)

marvel-invaders-2014-issue-1-cover marvel-invaders-2014-preview-art-01 marvel-invaders-2014-preview-art-02 marvel-invaders-2014-preview-art-03

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  • sage

    What the %$*# THE NEW INVADERS my @$$ last I heard the original human torch and toro were dead these comics are either going to suck &*#$ or are going to be awesome either way it does not make any god damn sense. I mean it’s been like 70 #$%*in years alot of these people in the comic book are supposed to be DEAD! Okay I get Bucky and cap are alive but the onley reason I know Bucky’s alive is because I am such a geek when I heard that Bucky might be alive… well I love Bucky so what else am I supposed to do so I bought all comics that have Bucky in it or even mentioned the name Bucky you name it I have it including all the winter soilder ones. As for cap you don’t have to be a total teen aged geek to know who that is and how he’s alive.Hell you don’t even have to read comics to know who that is. My point is how the hell are you going to make a all knew invaders those guys are $%#*in OLD. To sum things curse cues curse cues Namor, Toro,Human Torch, Cap, Bucky. CAN’T ALL BE ALIVE!

    • Well both Cap and Bucky have the serum that slows their aging. Namor is an Atlantean, so they can explain things with that, and the Human Torch in the Invaders is an android. So it actually is explainable (to an extent). I think when it comes to comics, you have to just roll with it at times. But I don’t think this any more far fetch than other things that happen in comics.