Preview of Marvel’s ‘All-New Ghost Rider’ #2 — One High-Octane Ride!

comic-book-newsA preview for Marvel’s All-New Ghost Rider #2 is available and it looks great. I think Ghost Rider is a character that should have a revolving cast. The host for “vengeance” should be changed up from time to time (though I do really like Daniel Ketch as GR). And for the longest time it was Johnny Blaze, then it was Danny Ketch. Now a new host is ready to take up the mantle, Robbie Reyes.

Robbie Reyes has been imbued with awesome supernatural powers. But can this teenager control his new powers, or will it lead him down the path of destruction as he battles a new plague on the streets… the bizarre Pink Pills! What are they – and who is behind their creation? The streets of East LA are riddled with gangs, drugs, and violence. War is brewing in the criminal underworld. And it’ll take a new kind of hero to battle back the darkness.

All-New Ghost Rider #2 is written by Felipe Smith and art by Tradd Moore, wrapped under covers by Tradd Moore, Felipe Smith, and Pop Mhan. Look for it on sale Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at your local comic shops or digitally at comiXology. (Via CBR)

all-new-ghost-rider-2-cover all-new-ghost-rider-2-cover-variant-1-by-felipe-smith all-new-ghost-rider-2-cover-variant-2-by-pop-mhan all-new-ghost-rider-2-preview-page-01 all-new-ghost-rider-2-preview-page-02 all-new-ghost-rider-2-preview-page-03

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