Preview of Marvel Comics’ Captain America: Homecoming One-Shot

comic-book-newsOne thing you can count on with the Marvel movies is the barrage of product based on it and Captain America: The Winter Soldier will definitely have its fair share. Obviously the thing we will be most familiar with is the toys and collectibles for it, but Marvel Comics will be bringing something of their own to the table. Coming this March is a one-shot comic book titled Captain America: Homecoming.

This one-shot is taking Cap back to his hometown of Brooklyn, where he finds more than just memories past. It will be written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Tom Grummett, telling the story of events that took place between The Avengers movie and the soon to be released Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Check out the Captain America: Homecoming preview art below, then be sure to read the interview with writer Fred Van Lente here. (Source: Newsarama)

captain-america-homecoming-one-shot-preview-art-02 captain-america-homecoming-one-shot-preview-art-03 captain-america-homecoming-one-shot-preview-art-04 captain-america-homecoming-one-shot-preview-art-05 captain-america-homecoming-one-shot-preview-art-06 captain-america-homecoming-one-shot-preview-art-01

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