Preview Clip from Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Season 1, Episode 25 “Exodus”

television-news-and-talkAvengers Assemble features another all-new episode this weekend. The last episode before the season finale. In the episode titled “Exodus,” Iron Man’s confidence is shaken after he inadvertently puts Falcon in harm’s way. When the Cabal pulls the trigger on its final plan, Tony has to put aside his personal dilemma and be the leader he was born to be.

Marvel has shared a preview clip for this all-new episode, which has the Avengers facing the Cabal’s full army of vampires, A.I.M. troopers and more. Be sure to watch this all-new episode of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble which premieres Sunday, May 18th at 8:00am EST inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD.

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