Prequels Get Some Love as Medicom Announces Episode III Darth Vader MAFEX Figure

Medicom Episode III Darth Vader MAFEX FigureWith the vast majority of newly announced Star Wars merchandise being based on The Force Awakens, and soon Rogue One, Medicom is giving the prequel trilogy some love revealing a Revenge of the Sith MAFEX Darth Vader figure.

The Episode III Darth Vader is Medicom’s third version of the Dark Lord of the Sith, with original trilogy and hologram versions preceding it. The figure is fully articulated, stands in a 6-inch scale and has a fabric cape with plastic tunic skirt. The ROTS MAFEX Darth Vader has a removable helmet that features the likeness of a burnt Anakin Skywalker–as portrayed by Hayden Christensen–beneath it and Vader includes his red-bladed lightsaber. Several pairs of interchangeable hands and a figure stand also come with the figure.

The MAFEX Revenge of the Sith Darth Vader is priced ¥5,500–$55–and is scheduled for release in Feb. 2017.

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