Pre-Orders For Robo Force Maxx Zero Basic and Ultimate Editions Now Available

So yesterday when I posted about Robo Force having a new sale soon and that we could expect it by the end of month, I was partly right. Toyfinity has a new Robo Force figure, Maxx Zero, coming. They are taking pre-orders for three configurations, a Maxx Zero Basic Edition priced at $18, a Maxx Zero Unpainted Edition for $12 and a Maxx Zero Ultimate Edition for $35.

The Basic Edition features 41 pieces to the kit. The Ultimate Edition features a 100 paint applications, plus it is 100% paint detailed. As for the Unpainted Edition, well that is self-explanatory.

Pre-orders will be open until October 25th at 11 pm EST. Payment is due at the time of the pre-order and orders are currently scheduled to be delivered in December. This is a one time offer, there will be no inventory produced. So if you miss out on this pre-order, then you will have look to the secondary market for these Maxx Zero figures.

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