Pre-Orders For 7″ Versions of NECA’s 1/4th Scale West Batman, Reeves Superman & Ledger Joker!

If you remember last year, NECA was able to bring fans a 7 inch version of their 1/4th scale ’89 Michael Keaton Batman figure to the market through a loop hole. That loop hole was done by selling a DVD or Blu-ray with the figure, or you could say the other way around. Normally companies are restricted by licenses and this was a way around those restrictions.

Fast forward to today, and NECA is doing it again. They are offering 7 inch versions of their 1/4th scale Adam West ’66 Batman, Christoper Reeves Superman and Heath Ledger The Dark Knight Joker figures. Each of these figures will be available through eBay and at Toys R Us stores, just like the ’89 Batman. Also, when it comes to the ’66 Batman and Ledger Joker figures, you are given options with the DVD between Batman, Batman Forever, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and LEGO Batman.

There are also upscaled versions of the HeroClix Batman and Superman available with DVDs as well. Pre-orders are being taken now with them being released on November 7th.

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