Pre-Orders for 3A’s Microman: String Divers 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figures Now Available

toy-news-and-talkFirst announced earlier this year comes 3A’s Microman line that is inspired by the original Microman Japanese toy line from the ’70s and re-imagined by artist and 3A co-founder Ashley Wood. Each of these highly stylized designer figures stand about 6-inches tall.

The 3A Microman: String Divers are now available for pre-order. There are six different figures, with Marcus (Orange) String Diver and Julian (Clear) String Diver being exclusive to Bambaland and retailer respectively. When these first appeared I figured they would be pretty expensive, but at $45 each, I think that is pretty reasonable for these limited collectible figures.

You can check out a gallery of images below showing off the 3A Microman: String Divers, along with a look at the packaging design for them too.

  • SD00 Marcus (Orange) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD – BAMBALAND EXCLUSIVE ONLY
  • SD01 Aki (Grey) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD
  • SD02 Maxim (Black) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD
  • SD03 Dante (Red) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD
  • SD04 Sam (Blue) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD
  • SD05 Julian (Clear) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD – RETAIL EXCLUSIVE ONLY

3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figures-01 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figures-02 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figures-03 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figures-04 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figures-05 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figures-06 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figure-sam-pkg-front 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figure-dante-pkg-front 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figure-marcus-pkg-front 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figure-maxim-pkg-front 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figure-aki-pkg-front 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figure-julian-pkg-front 3avox-microman-string-drivers-6-inch-scale-collectible-figures-pkg-back

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