Power Lords Dark Nebula Power Solder and Neutron Blast Lord Power Available Feb. 20th

Back in December, the Four Horsemen revealed a pair of new Power Lords figures that would be coming our way. The figures, Dark Nebula Power Solder and Neutron Blast Lord, are repaints of previously released figures, but the Neutron Blast Lord is a cool looking translucent green. If you were interested in these figures, well then mark your calendar. They will be available to order on Friday, February 20th to Power Lords Fan Club members only at 3:00pm EST. They will be priced at $10 each (plus shipping & handling). If there is any left, the public sales will open up at 3:00pm EST on Sunday, February 22nd. All orders will start to ship on Monday, February 23rd.

Also some more great news Power Lords fans, to help get new figures released quicker, the Four Horsemen are going to do a Kickstarter!

We already have Sydot, The Power Soldier Assassin, Disguyzor, Raygoth, and some of their army builder variants ready to go, so we decided “why not just release them all at once?” We still have a lot of planning and work to do (and hopefully some sculpting on new characters before the launch!) but we do hope to have a massive wave of figures ready for release by late summer!

So we can expect to see an all new release strategy based on a Power Lords Kickstarter campaign. (Source: Four Horsemen)

four-horsemen-neutron-blast-lord-power four-horsemen-dark-nebula-power-soldier

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