Power Lords at Toypocalypse 4: FanEXtasy Reveals Two New Figures

toy-news-and-talkThis may be old news to some of you, but after Sunday, I ended up a little busy and not able to track all the great Toy Fair news earlier in the week. So for me this is still new, and possibly for you too. Last weekend the Four Horsemen held their Toypocalypse 4: FanEXtasy where they revealed two new Power Lords prototypes, Disguyzor the Deadly Deceiver and the Power Soldier Assassin.

Both of these new figures will feature the Glyos System. The Power Soldier Assassin will also feature ball-joint hips, swivel cut thighs and rocker ankles! The new armored parts will be interchangeable with other releases, along with new accessories such as a sword and a weapons holding backpack.

As far as Disguyzor, he will feature the four original manually rotate faces the original toy had, but they have come across early concept artwork from Power Lords creator Wayne Barlowe that shows four other distinctly different faces. This will be used to create variant versions or repaints of the character. Disguyzor will be coming with his huge animal jaw club and possibly a second weapon/accessory depending on production costs.

The Power Soldier Assassin (and Disguyzor?) will probably go into production along with the previously revealed Power Lords scientific genius, Sydot the Supreme. And speaking of which, Sydot the Supreme will be going into production soon, but they currently don’t have a scheduled release date for him. He will feature removable armor and will have three different accessories depending on the version of the character — his Stellar Seekers, his laser gun and his electro-shock rifle.

For those hoping to get their hands on more Power Lords figures, then hang tight the red and blue Power Soldier variants and Ggripptogg variant figures will be going up for sale at the end of next week. Also fully painted, carded versions of Ggripptogg, Adam Power and Lord Power are almost finished with production and will be shipping from the factory, so they will be taking pre-orders for those soon too. More info on dates, times and prices coming soon. (Source: Four Horsemen)

power-lords-line-up from-toypocalypse-4-fanextasy power-lords-line-up from-toypocalypse-4-fanextasy-afi-picture power-lords-power-soldier-assassin-prototype-afi-picture power-lords-disguyzor-two-up-prototype power-lords-disguyzor-two-up-prototype-afi-picture
Some images are from AFI.

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