Power-Con 2016: Mattel SDCC Exclusive She-Ra Preview

Mattel had a small contingent–in the form of twins Darren and Garrett Sander–on hand at this weekend’s Power-Con to preview their San Diego Comic-Con 2106 exclusive She-Ra doll.

We were captivated by Mattel’s She-Ra when USA Today revealed the doll two weeks ago, but seeing She-Ra in person only piqued our interest. Both Garret and Darren called the She-Ra doll a passion project and that’s evident in the attention to detail that was put into the piece, from doll design to packaging.

She-Ra’s portrait has a feminine, yet heroic appearance. Masters of the Universe Classics collectors know how difficult capturing a soft, yet strong female portrait can be at times, so the portrait on the She-Ra doll is a commendable accomplishment. The doll has rooted hair that seemed surprisingly tame and controlled, with very few flyaways. The hair felt a bit thicker and heavier than the hair on some of the Hot Toys figures I have with rooted hair, which may explain why it held its from so well.

She-Ra’s body was created specifically for the doll and is well proportioned, highly articulated and stands well on its own without the support of a stand, even when wearing heels. The body was crafted with the idea of being modular, so if the figure is deemed a success additional Princess of Power characters are a possibility. Three outfits are included with She-Ra and they are; the outfit and accessories of the original ’80s Mattel action figure, the outfit and accessories of the Filmation animated character, and the outfit for She-Ra’s alter-ego Adora. All of the outfits are nicely tailored and detailed, and complimented with by chrome-and-gold-plated accessories.

As great as the doll is, the packaging should not be overlooked as each panel of the box and inserts is sprinkled with detail. An outer slip cover has brilliant art featuring the heroes of the Great Rebellion taking on Hordak and his henchmen, with upper and side panels paying homage to the likes of Swiftwind, Kowl and the elusive Loo-Kee. The inner box features a magnetically secured cover with artwork featuring She-Ra atop Swiftwind. The cover opens to reveal the doll and She-Ra is packaged standing heroicly in front of an illustration of Castle Grayskull, with her Sword of Protection raised, wearing her cartoon-accurate attire. The two towers to either side of the doll hide She-Ra’s alternate outfits, which we found to be ingenious. On the opposite side of the fold out cover is a slit that holds a mini-comic titled The Story of She-Ra. The back of the box has a written history of She-Ra coupled with a nouveau illustration that caught our eye as being bubbly and fun, as well as a Hot Toys like roll call crediting the heroic team involved in making the project a reality.

As a sixth-scale collector, I’m impressed with what the Mattel team was able to accomplish with their San Diego Comic-Con exclusive She-Ra. Between the detailed doll design, creative packaging and a very reasonable $75 price-point–from a Hot Toys collector’s perspective–it’s quite an achievement. When June 17 rolls around and pre-orders for the doll open, I intend on purchasing two with the hope that She-Ra paves the way for more sixth-scale figures from the Masters of the Universe. Bring on He-Man, Mattel!

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