PLUNDER PIRATES Mobile Game Review

The latest from Rovio the company behind the hugely successful Angry Birds franchise, and developer Midoki, comes Plunder Pirates. It is very similar to the wildly popular Clash of Clans, it is a MMO defense type game. The game is currently only available for iOS devices. For those with these types of devices, the game picks up from device to device. This means, if you start your game on an iPhone or iPod touch, then move over to an iPad, it picks up where you left off. This is a great features and I wish more mobile games were like this.

The game is free, but there are in-game purchases that can be made. If you are patient, then you can play the game without buying any gems, gold or grog which are used to speed up the game, or help buy things. It will take longer, but slow and steady wins, right? As with other MMO defense type games, this is about strategy, which is about playing smart.

In the game you are given a small island to inhabit and build upon. You can add resources, such as gold mine, grog distilleries, and more. You also recruit pirates for your ship, which is upgradable, then set sail and explore the map. The more you explore on the map, the more you unlock. Things that are unlocked are other islands, monsters of the seas, other ships and more. The object is to unlock all the map and built out your island as much as possible.

Some objectives take a few seconds, to a few minutes. Others can take 8 minutes to some taking an hour to complete. While these things are completing, you can do other things. Like if you are exploring the map, you can go back to the island and work on building it up. Or you can just quit the game altogether and the task(s) will complete themselves and you will be notified when they are finished.

I suppose you’re asking where does the multiplayer come in? Well that would be where you sail off and plunder other players islands. If you feel like you have builds up your pirates enough to take on others, the set sail for the high seas. But keep in mind, they can come for your stuff too. So be prepared to defend your island and treasures.

As I’ve said with other mobile games, I enjoy playing them while on break at work, or at lunch, or just looking to pass some time. When I find games like Plunder Pirates, which I can play for a bit, then put down to play again later and keep progress moving forward, I’m all in. The graphics for this game are pretty great looking too. I’m playing the game on an iPhone 5s and an iPad 2, and on both the game plays and looks great. For those on an iPhone 6 or new iPad, I’m sure it looks even better.

If you are looking for a little world building with exploration, then this game is worth picking up. Especially with the price tag of FREE! But beware, Plunder Pirates is addicting.

rovio-stars-plunder-pirates-promo rovio-stars-plunder-pirates-island-screenshot rovio-stars-plunder-pirates-map-screenshot

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