Play With This Too’s Lost Protectors: Boneyard and Jetstrike Kickstarter Has Launched!

The time has come, for the launching of the new Kickstarter from Play With This Too. Their earlier attempt fell short in raising the necessary funding needed to produce the first of their Lost Protectors action figure line. Now they are back with a “remix” to see if they can do it this time. The focus in this new Kickstarter is on two figures, Boneyard and Jetstrike, and several variants of each figure. Some of these variants will be available later on, but some are Kickstarter Exclusives only.

They are looking to raise $90,000 and can use your help. Each figure starts at $39 each, but the more figures you get, the cheaper they become. Now looking at the pledge offerings these savings don’t come into play until you pledge towards three (3) or more figures. So just keep that in mind. Also like with all other Kickstarters, you will NOT be charged for your pledge unless it becomes fully funded and at the end. The PWTToo Boneyard and Jestrike Kickstarter will end on Sunday, Oct. 18th at 11:01 p.m. EST.

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