Pixar’s Latest Finding Dory Photos Reveal The New Cast of Characters

Finding Dory Hank the OctopusFrom a kooky loon bird to a loony beluga whale, Pixar has announced the latest cast of characters for its underwater adventure–and spiritual sequel to Finding NemoFinding Dory.

The new cast of sea life characters includes:

  • Becky, voiced by Torbin Bullock is kooky loon bird, who’s a little on the unconventional side.
  • Rudder and Fluke, voiced by Dominic West and Idris Elba, are a pair of lazy sea lions.
  • Bailey, voiced by Ty Burrell, is a hypochondriac beluga whale.
  • Destiny, voiced by Kaitlin Olson, is a clumsy, but big-hearted whale shark.
  • Hank, voiced by Ed O’Neill, is a reclusive octopus searching for his ticket to seclusion.
  • Dory’s parents Charlie and Jenny, voiced by Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton.
  • A romp of oh so fuzzy sea otters.

Finding Dory stars Ellen DeGeneres as the voice of Dory with Hayden Rolence and Albert Brooks as clownfish Nemo and Marlin, respectively. Finding Dory opens in theaters June 17.

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