Paramount Says Transformers, G.I. JOE and MICRONAUTS Still A Go After JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Bombs

Missed this one on Friday, Deadline reported that even though Jem and The Holograms tanked at the box office, Paramount is still planning to move ahead with Transformers and G.I. Joe sequels, and a Micronauts movies. And, not only will they be moving forward, they will be setting up writers rooms for G.I. Joe and Micronauts, just as they did for Transformers.

After the news of Jem and The Holograms having one of the worst opening weekends, then being pulled from theaters, many began to wonder if this would have an effect on Paramount’s plans with their other stable of Hasbro based movies. Well I don’t know if there was ever any doubt about Transformers, but there was with G.I. Joe, and with Micronauts being in the very early stages still, who knew what could happen.


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