Paramount Gives a Third G.I. Joe Movie A Go After Strong Opening Weekend

hollywood-movie-newsWell in a definite surprise move, Andrew Stewart of Variety is reporting that Paramount has greenlit a third G.I. Joe movie. Reports are coming in that G.I. Joe: Retaliation has done about $132 Million (estimated) Worldwide this opening weekend. And apparently Paramount thinks this is enough to call for a sequel. With some competition ahead for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, I still have to wonder what kind of “legs” the movie has in long-term box office numbers. Still some great news to hear a third movie will be made. Maybe this time around Cobra Commander will finally be the main antagonist, as opposed to Destro and Zartan from the first two. I supposed this should also be taken as a rumor until official word from Paramount is released. (Source: Twitter)

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  • Wolfyhound

    I would say that CC was the main villain in the new movie. He was orchestrating the events, using Zartan to do the deeds. I would like to see CC more prominent in the 3rd one, bringing Destro back into the fray as well.

    • Sure he was supposedly pulling the strings, but I still didn’t see him as the main villain. Zartan/The President trumped him the whole time.

      I too would like to see more of CC and more of Destro, whom I hope they bring back for the third. Maybe with some Major Bludd too.